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2012 (MMXII) was a leap year that began on a Sunday in the Gregorian calendar.

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2012-01-?? First turfer to achieve the rank of Turf Hero Thunell - Information missing: DATE
2012-01-04 First turfers to take the medal Paper Expandator 64.png 09:20:05 - Jojje and Median


2012-02-26 Turf launched in Denmark Danmark flagga.png


2012-03-02 Zone take 400 000 Optimus - BermudaZone, Västmanland
2012-03-10 Turf's second Bonanza - Bonanza:Sundsvall 2012 Tid: 14:00-16:00 - Winner: bUs
2012-03-18 Swedroid wrote about Turf "Swedish Turf is a different game..." - Link to article
2012-03-20 Turf launched in Finland Finland flagga.png Åland was the first province to have zones, Finnish mainland began to have zones in late July/August 2012. The zones were implemented with different dates.
2012-03-23 Turf's Facebook page launched Link to Turfs Facebook page
2012-03-28 Version 0.9 Included New server balance system, name above the players, new takemedals...


2012-04-01 Version 0.9.1 Included the Contribution medals...
2012-04-01 Block times are lowered
2012-04-05 Zone take 500 000 08:13:28 - Blajo - GranloCenter, Västernorrland
2012-04-04 First turfer to take the medal Denmark Explorer 30.png 19:33:48 - FinnJ
2012-04-11 First turfer to take the medal Sweden Explorer 26.png 15:56:40 - Jojje
2012-04-16 Turf's Google+ page launched Link to Turf's page on Google+
2012-04-21 First turfer to take the medal Donation God 43.png 10:58:32 - Blabert


2012-05-02 First turfer to take the medal 1000 Unique 15.png 21:53:58 - KP
2012-05-25 Turf launched in Norway Norge flagga.png


2012-07-01 First turfer outside Sweden Sverige flagga.png to get into the top-3 Turfer Zorf from Denmark Danmark flagga.png takes the Bronze medal
2012-07-10 Version 0.9.2 Included New menu system...
2012-07-25 Swedroid wrote about Turf again "Turf soon reaches new milestone..." - Link to article
2012-07-28 Zone take 1 000 000 Madmax - wins a Nexus 7 and gets the zone renamed to MadMegaZone


2012-08-19 New medals are introduced Stamina medals
2012-08-24 First turfer to take the medal El Staminatore 48.png 23:22:03 - Wettis


2012-09-01 Turf's third Bonanza - Bonanza:Västerås 2012 Tid: 14:00-16:00 - Winner: bUs
2012-09-10 Turf on ABC-nytt (TV news) Stockholms local-tv - Link to broadcast
2012-09-16 Turf is aired on the TV program called "Landet Runt"
2012-09-29 New servers


2012-10-21 Region Ethnicity changed Turfers now belongs to the region where they have the most zones, but the chat region are changed as soon as the turfer takes a zone outside the home region.


2012-11-10 Rank system changes New ranks added (35-60) and points levels for rank 31-35 modified. More info here: http://turfgame.com/info/ranks
2012-11-17 Version 0.9.5 Included new ranks and changed GPS bonus...


2012-12-02 Turf v0.1 för iOS (pre-alpha) Available to a select few testers...
2012-12-05 First zone with over 5,000 takeovers total GAZone, Västra Götaland
2012-12-06 First turfer to take the medal Norway Explorer 45.png 13:54:40 - Klemfare


During the year, 6,792 turf zones were created in twelve countries according to the table below.

Country Zones
China Flag of China.png 1
Denmark Flag of Denmark.png 1 285
Faroe Islands Flag of the Faroe Islands.png 5
Finland Flag of Finland.png 671
France Flag of France.png 1
Iceland Flag of Iceland.png 1
Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands.png 7
Norway Flag of Norway.png 783
South Korea Flag of South Korea.png 105
Sweden Flag of Sweden.png 3 406
United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom.png 6
USA Flag of USA.png 521

Source: Urbangeeks

For zones that were created during the year and have their own article, see here.

Turf Events[edit]

For Events completed during the year see here.