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2015 (MMXV) was a normal year that began on a Thursday in the Gregorian calendar.

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2015-02-16 Turf Version for Android Version is released to all Supporters using Android


2015-03-06 First turfer to take the medal Ghost Minute 70.png 00:00:11 - Spix
2015-03-20 Turf v1.3.7 for iOS Ghost Minute 70.png medal and auto-close of takeover dialog. Link


2015-04-20 Turf v1.3.8 for iOS Holy zones and new dialog design. Link


2015-05-06 Turfs sixth Bonanza - Stockholm - Bonanza:Turf Bonanza 2015 Time heat 1: 10:00-12:00, time heat 2: 13:00-15:00 - Winner: Morgam


2015-09-01 The first turfer to reach 100.000 takes Snusmumriken


2015-10-04 Turf Aid 2.0 Turfers was given the opportunity to contribute in Turf Aid 2.0 during round 63. The result of 28 962 SEK was given to save the children foundation.
2015-10-16 Turf v1.3.9 för iOS Link
2015-10-18 Turf Version 1.0 for Android Version 1.0 was released on Google Play. With this version, Pro mode was replaced with Map cache.


2015-12-06 20 000 000 zontakes TequilaGold


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