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2016 (MMXVI) was a leap year that began on a Friday in the Gregorian calendar.

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2016-01-06 Turf Version 1.0.3 for Android Version 1.0.3 released on Google Play, contained the new medal Bridge crosser 71.png
2016-01-06 First turfer to take the medal Bridge crosser 71.png 19:18:12 - Adde45
2016-01-12 Turf v1.4.0 för iOS Included the new medal Bridge crosser 71.png Link


2016-05-11 First turfers to take the medal Korea Explorer 29.png 09:10:05 - Munin and TriggerHappy
2016-05-18 Turf Version 1.0.4 for Android A temporary version to fix the white box issue caused by Google Play.
2016-05-21 Turfs seventh Bonanza - Kalmar - Bonanza:Turf Bonanza 2016 Time for heat by foot: 10:30-12:30, time for heat on bicycle: 14:00-16:00 - Winner by foot: Klintan11, winner on bicycle: Shitty
2016-05-21 Turf Version 1.1.0 for Android Updating the zone system, easier to distinguish blocked zones. Also contained the new medal Eager Ferret 72.png
2016-05-22 First turfer to take the medal Eager Ferret 72.png 04:57:33 - TriggerHappy


2016-08-18 Turf Version 1.1.1 for Android Chat and toplist remember last viewed. Also contained the new medals Take-30000 73.png, 5000 Unique 74.png and Staminatrix 75.png Link
2016-08-18 Turf v1.5.1 för iOS Chat and toplist remember last viewed. Also contained the new medals Take-30000 73.png, 5000 Unique 74.png och Staminatrix 75.png Link
2016-08-20 First turfer to take the medal Staminatrix 75.png 14:10:05 - TXL


2016-12-03 Turf Version 1.1.5 for Android and v1.5.5 for iOS 17 new medals. 5 new zone types. Reduced takeover time. Changed block time. Better medal graphics. Many optimizations and bug fixes
2016-12-03 First turfer to take the medal Tricontaregion star 91.png 23:31:39 - Ninetail
2016-12-04 Turf v1.5.6 för iOS Minor cursor update so they do not look flat at a higher zoom level
2016-12-04 First turfer to take the medal Darkest Ninja 83.png 02:46:06 - Turfis
2016-12-04 First turfer to take the medal Bridge fanatic 79.png 07:28:51 - Gierp
2016-12-04 First turfer to take the medal Orderly III 77.png 09:48:00 - Snusmumriken
2016-12-08 Turf Version for Android and v1.5.7 for iOS New countdown dialog. Fixed size of avatars. Fix so that zones are displayed as captured at all zoom levels. Fix values for supporter views
2016-12-13 30 000 000 zon takes Zontjuven made the 30 millionth zone take when he took ChildZone from DaHunter at 2016-12-13 18:00:01
2016-12-25 First turfer to take the medal Greed-350 82.png 09:06:19 - ~Sisyfos~


During the year, 6,886 turf zones were created in 56 countries according to the table below.

Country Zones
Antigua and Barbuda Flag of Antigua and Barbuda.png 1
Australia Flag of Australia.png 72
Austria Flag of Austria.png 1
Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png 1
Brazil Flag of Brazil.png 5
Canada Flag of Canada.png 7
Cape Verde Flag of Cape Verde.png 5
Chad Flag of Chad.png 1
China Flag of China.png 28
Curaçao Flag of Curaçao.png 1
Denmark Flag of Denmark.png 148
Finland Flag of Finland.png 932
France Flag of France.png 2
Germany Flag of Germany.png 24
Gibraltar Flag of Gibraltar.png 4
Greece Flag of Greece.png 37
India Flag of India.png 33
Indonesia Flag of Indonesia.png 6
Iran Flag of Iran.png 2
Iraq Flag of Iraq.png 1
Ireland Flag of Ireland.png 25
Israel Flag of Israel.png 1
Italy Flag of Italy.png 6
Japan Flag of Japan.png 865
Kazakhstan Flag of Kazakhstan.png 1
Lesotho Flag of Lesotho.png 1
Lithuania Flag of Lithuania.png 34
Malaysia Flag of Malaysia.png 9
Mexico Flag of Mexico.png 5
Micronesia Flag of Micronesia.png 1
Moldova Flag of Moldova.png 1
Mozambique Flag of Mozambique.png 4
Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands.png 210
Norway Flag of Norway.png 681
Peru Flag of Peru.png 1
Philippines Flag of the Philippines.png 1
Poland Flag of Poland.png 4
Portugal Flag of Portugal.png 6
Russia Flag of Russia.png 6
Singapore Flag of Singapore.png 7
Slovenia Flag of Slovenia.png 10
South Africa Flag of South Africa.png 2
South Korea Flag of South Korea.png 1
Spain Flag of Spain.png 63
Sudan Flag of Sudan.png 3
Swaziland Flag of Swaziland.png 1
Sweden Flag of Sweden.png 3 245
Switzerland Flag of Switzerland.png 7
Thailand Flag of Thailand.png 10
Turkey Flag of Turkey.png 2
United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom.png 256
Uruguay Flag of Uruguay.png 1
USA Flag of USA.png 92
Uzbekistan Flag of Uzbekistan.png 4
Venezuela Flag of Venezuela.png 1
Vietnam Flag of Vietnam.png 8

Source: Urbangeeks

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Turf Events[edit]

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Turf insider[edit]

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