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Bonanza is a short and quick version of a Turf round. A bonanza is organized by a group run by turfers, with some help from the Turf Crew.



During a bonanza there are some special rules. First, it replaces the usual zones with brand new zones to new locations to make it new for everyone. The usual zones within the competition area will be temporarily removed as long as the competition is underway. Zones during the event has a completely different scoring than normal zones. At the last bonanza, it was 60 pph and 10 tp. It is a point per minute while maintaining the zone. The zones have also a much shorter block time, 3 minutes, which will apply to all players, regardless of rank. There will not be any bonuses for takeover time but all will have the same fixed value, 30 seconds.

An area on the map will be narrowed down. When the event starts, the existing zones lying within that area will be removed and replaced with brand new Bonanza zones, other zones will still be available to those who want to Turf on as usual. It is only those zones located within the circled area will be counted in the contest. The winner is the one who collects the most points.


These medals is awarded after a bonanza:

medal20.png medal19.png medal18.png medal17.png
Bonanza Gold Bonanza Silver Bonanza Bronze Bonanza Participator



  1. The first bonanza - Stockholm, 21 may 2011
  2. Winter bonanza 2012 - Sundsvall, 10 mars 2012
  3. Västerås bonanza - Västerås, 1 september 2012
  4. Uppsala bonanza - Uppsala, 20 april 2013

Statistics and figures from previous bonanzas and events is available at:


  1. DreamHack - Jönköping, 19 juni 2011
  2. CampZone - Holland, augusti 2011
  3. FAD2011 - FumbleAfterDark - Göteborg, 5 november 2011

How does one organize a bonanza?

  1. Those who are eager to arrange need to meet, discuss and write up a little about how they think and how they want to divide up the work.
  2. The facilitator of the group, contact Drassen and tells how they planned the event.