Bonanza:Stockholm 2011

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Bonanza in the Galärparken

Turfs first bonanza ever. Meeting place was Galärparken in Djurgården, Stockholm.


# Turfer Points Zone takeovers Unique zoner Distance[1] Medal
1 Fredrick 1086p  Gold
2 Jojje 923p  Silver
3 saidfun 912  Bronze
4 Blabert 776p  Participator
5 ainali 729  Participator
6 Odd 727  Participator
7 johan_p 682  Participator
8 iostream 557  Participator
9 floxy 556  Participator
10 nattSudden 81  Participator
11 erikd 447  Participator
12 ツArias 198  Participator
13 eddyueue 67  Participator
14 Rodgery 56  Participator
15 Pixie 14  Participator
16 LaktosKarlsson 12  Participator


Of those who were there and were in the competition it was successful. It was a bit stressful for some to get there, but the weather gods were with turfers. Contest did not wait for anyone and it kicked off with a bang before some had arrived properly.

Some small mishaps occurred, however. No BBQ and a broken bike chain that destroyed the first place of Arias. Swype-SM was also reminded when eddyueue slipped in from the west on the path from the Stureplan and took a zone or two before he had to go back. Refreshments were available but also moved around (!?). Eric and Jossan shouted in chat about it anyway. Iostream was thirsty and wondered where they were.

The fact that Fredrick would take home the game was well not totally unexpected. A bigger Sweden-traveled TotalTurfer than him is hard to find. 24hoursTurfer. He was prepared and ready to go and frantically wrote about it in his blog. Jojje did a real impression after his cellphone mess after the start of the event when he dropped the phone on the ground so it became loose and a warm boot in response to it.


High score
Turf HQ


  1. as the crow flies in km.

Statistics and summary taken from forum thread