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There are two types of bonuses in Turf. One shortens the takeover time for zone takes and the other gives bonus points for zone take.

Currently, there are two bonuses that shorten the taking time, GPS bonus and Region Lord bonus, and one that gives bonus points, Neutral bonus.

Takeover time bonus[edit]

GPS bonus[edit]

See full article: GPS bonus

GPS bonus is a bonus in Turf that shortens the player's takeover time by 5 seconds. The player receives this bonus by keeping the GPS on after a zone takeover.

Region Lord bonus[edit]

See full article: Region Lord

Region Lord is a bonus that gives five seconds shorter takeover time, granted to the player that currently owns the highest amount of zones in a region.

Bonus points[edit]

Neutral bonus[edit]

See full article: Neutral bonus

Neutral bonus is the only bonus in Turf that gives extra points when a take is completed. It gives the turfers 50 extra points for the takeover of a neutral zone.

Event and Bonanza[edit]

All bonuses are deactivated when participating in Event and Bonanza.