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World map with countries were Turf is officially launched in green. Other countries that have been divived into regions in Turf in light green.

The zone registry is a encyclopedia where you can browse through all of TurfWikis zone articles, sorted after continent, country, region and municipality where they geographically belong. You can also browse all zones by their name and by what year they were created.

Do you want to create a zone article? Check the create zone article guide.

The zone registry has the following structure:

  • Continents - Browse after continents and their corresponding countries.
  • Countries - Browse zone articles by country, their corresponding regions and by the municipalities belonging to these regiones. (Most start their search here)
  • Regions - Browse after zone articles based on the region they belong to (all countries).
  • Municipalities - Browse after zone articles based on the municipality they belong to (all countries).
  • Zones - Browse through all zone articles on TurfWiki alphabetically.
  • Year - Browse through all zone articles on TurfWiki based on year of creation.

For an overview, see Turf on the map.


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