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This guide is primarily developed for countries where the whole country is a single region in Turf!

The Create country article guide is intended to help wiki users create country articles as easily as possible with good results. Here's a little step-by-step guide on how to proceed.

Step by step instructions[edit]

It may seem complicated to create wiki articles at first, but it does not have to be that difficult. Follow this guide to create an excellent country article in no time:

1. We start by opening a new tab of TurfWiki in the browser.

2. Go to the new tab with TurfWiki. Enter "Country:Country name" in the wiki's search box at the top, replace "Country name" with the name of the country. Example: Country:Examplecountry or Country:Brutopia. Then press the Enter key or the search symbol in the window.

3. See if your country is already in the database. If this is the case, you will come to the country article directly. You are welcome to improve/add information about the country in this case. If the article is not in the database, click on the red text (Create the page "..." on this wiki!) To create a new country article.

4. Now an edit box appears. In this box you will enter a piece of text that automatically creates a ready-made template for the country article for you. Smart huh? In the edit box, type:

    {{subst:Example country}}

Then scroll down to the end of the box and click "Save Page". An example template has now been placed and you now have a ready-made basis for further editing.

Customize the template[edit]

The template has now done half the work, so now it remains to adapt the content so that it matches the country you are creating the article for. Here it can be a bit overwhelming at first, mainly due to the wiki language. We take care of the adjustment step by step here as well, to make everything a little easier:

1. Click "Edit" in the upper right corner of the country article page (Shortcut: Alt + Shift + E).

2. You now see a similar piece of text, without explanations then of course. Customize this with your own information using the box below:

# The following piece of text is the info box you see on the right in the country article. Explanations follow below:
|name            = Example country
|image           = [[File: Example country.png|300px]]
|imagetext       = Example country's location
|symbol          = [[File: Example country coat of arms.png|60px]]
|symboltext      = Example country's coat of arms
|continent       = [[Continent]]
|numberofzones   = xxx
|maxpph          = xxx
|updated         = 2020-12-28


|name           = Example country
-> The title of the country info window.

|image          = [[File: Example country.png|300px]] 
-> Map of the country. Replace "Example country.png" with self-uploaded map (usually found on Wikipedia). You upload your own map by using the side menu on the left, selecting "Upload file" under Wiki tools and following the instructions.

|imagetext      = Example country's location
-> Piece of text that serves as descriptive text to the map.

|symbol         = [[File: Example country coat of arms.png|60px]] 
-> Picture of the country coat of arms. Replace "Example country coat of arms.png" with self-uploaded image (usually available on Wikipedia). To upload images, use the side menu on the left, select "Upload file" under Wiki Tools and follow the instructions.

|symboltext     = Example country's coat of arms 
-> Associated text that states that it is the country's coat of arms.

|continent       = [[Continent]] 
-> Which continent the country is located in.

|numberofzones  = xxx
-> How many zones there are in the country at present. Information about it is available at

|maxpph         = xxx
-> Indicates the PPH that the zones in the entire country currently provide. Information about it is available at

|updated        = 2020-12-28
-> Date when information on the number of zones and PPH has been obtained.

3. Customize the rest of the article using the instructions. You can remove sections that do not feel relevant to the article.

4. Do not forget to categorize the article! At the bottom of the wiki text you will see the following paragraph:

[[Category: Example]]
[[Category: Countries]]
[[Category: Continents]]
[[Category: Example country| ]]

Do the following:

[[Category: Example]] 
-> Delete this category!

[[Category: Countries]]
-> Do not change this category.

[[Category: Continents]]
-> The continent where the country is located.

[[Category: Example country| ]]
-> The name of the country you create. ((| ) after the name means that the article ends up first on the country's category page.)

5. After doing this a few times, the knowledge will begin to settle, and it will be easier to implement country article edits. Write in the discussion page or add an issue if something gets stuck/problems arise. The kind administrators and other wiki people will help you!

Upload media to country article[edit]

Upload map to your country article[edit]

  1. Click "Upload file" at the bottom of the menu bar on the left.
  2. Name your map according to this format: "Country name"

Example: "Brutopia".

  1. Go to your country article and replace
   "[[File: Example country.png|300px]]" (is next to the top of your article) 

with your own file:

   [[File: Brutopia.png|300px]]

This links to the image you uploaded. Click on "Preview" at the bottom to make sure your image is in the right place.

Upload a picture of the country's coat of arms to your country article[edit]

  1. Click "Upload file" at the bottom of the menu bar on the left.
  2. Name your picture according to this format: "Example country coat of arms"

Example: "Brutopia coat of arms".

  1. Go to your country article and replace
   "[[File: Example country coat of arms.png|60px]]" (after the "heading" symbol) 

with your own file:

   [[File: Brutopia coat of arms.png|60px]]

This links to the image you uploaded. Click on "Preview" at the bottom to make sure your image is in the right place.

Good luck! :)


Feel free to ask a question on the discussion page (under "discussion" in the tab browser) if you have any questions! Do not be afraid to make mistakes. It is always possible to correct afterwards.