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A zones Difficulty is determined by how complicated it is to carry out a takeover of the zone. Here, several factors can come into play, for example if certain modes of transport are excluded due to the surface / terrain, the remoteness of the zone, the degree of preparation required to take the zone, etc.


A zones difficulty is graded from one to five, where one is easiest and five is most difficult.

Level Description
Difficulty1.png Easy. Zones that are easily accessible in cities, along bike paths, etc. You can in principle take these zones at any time.
Difficulty2.png Moderate. These zones are not very easy to take, but they are not difficult either. They may be a little remote, but not distant. Examples are a beach a few hundred meters from a cycle path, a rough zone that is quite close to a cycle path, etc. These zones should generally be fairly easy to take. You can take them on your lunch break.
Difficulty3.png Difficult. Zones located in more difficult terrain or in challenging places. Many fairly remote Rough zones can be considered difficult. You can take these zones on weekends or on a day trip.
Difficulty4.png Hard. Challenging zones that are located in remote, inhospitable terrain or that are more limited in one way or another. You can take these zones on your vacation or after careful preparation and a great effort.
Difficulty5.png Very Hard. Extremely challenging zones that are either located in very inhospitable terrain, far from civilization or in places that otherwise make takeovers considerably more difficult. You can barely take these zones on a long vacation after meticulously thought-out preparations and a solid effort that is unparalleled.