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This information is regarding the official League system which Turf develops, not third part.

During the test phase, which started during round 69, every Supporter taking a zone will start at level 9 in the league system. Further on, users will be added to the lowest level containing users.

The League system was for supporters only first and was released to all users on June 8th, 2016.

The League

How it works:

  • Everyone will be on the toplists, unlike the third party apps. Today there is no way to leave it, so if you're not interested, don't look.
  • If you are on the lowest "level" and did not take any points during the month, you will be removed until you take a zone again.
  • "New" users are added to the lowest level.
  • Groups are filled to 10 users until another one is created. When a level is filled with groups, another one is created with twice the size.
  • In the beginning, every user is added to League 9, which means all leagues above are empty. At new rounds the league above will be filled, taking as many users from below as required. Hence, it might be hard to calculate how many that will be moved up. When the pyramid is filled (users in top league and below), users will start changing places up and down between the leagues.
  • One user will moved up to a higher league each round and two users will always move down. (except for the lowest league and the highest, where this naturally won´t work.)
  • For example in League 4-7, the best player will be moved up to a group in League 3, and the players at position 9 and 10 will be moved down to a group in League 5. All other players stay in League 4.
  • You will only see your own league in the application if you are not a supporter. Supporters can see all leagues.
  • All users in a level are shuffled at a new round. Thus, a user may change group WITHIN the level even though he/she did not move up nor down.

1 Group: Elite League (top level)
1 Group: League 1
2 Groups: League 2-1 and League 2-2
4 Groups: League 3-1 to League 3-4
8 Groups: League 4-1 to League 4-8
16 Groups: League 5-1 to League 5-16
32 Groups: League 6-1 to League 6-32
64 Groups: League 7-1 to League 7-64
128 Groups: League 8-1 to League 8-128
256 Groups: League 9-1 to League 9-256 (This level will be the initial one for all supporters during round 69)