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Welcome to the official TurfWiki!

TurfWiki is a project aiming to include everything about the location-based video game Turf. You are free to contribute to and expand the information on the site, but as a protective measure we need you to ask for an account before you can start editing. You can ask for an account here. When approved, a good place to start as a TurfWiki editor is to briefly look up the wiki guide to view current praxis and tips to create great articles. You can see what others have been up to recently via recent changes. Thank you for your contribution!

Number of articles:

TurfWiki News ~ Nov 2018

The main goal so far has been to prime the wiki to allow for smooth changes and improvements. Changes and features introduced as of November 2018:

  • Successful linking of images within the TurfWiki family
  • Main page upgrades
  • Work started on a complete index system categorizing the articles of TurfWiki

Changes directed towards editors and content creators:

Note: As of 31 October 2018, TurfWiki is going through a major overhaul to (hopefully!) improve the general tidiness and readability of the articles. The task at hand is estimated to carry over into 2019. With hopes for a great experience still and a good continuation of 2018!


Installation and setup guide
How to install Turf and a quick setup guide.
The objective of Turf and a general gameplay introduction. New players, please start here!
Strategy guide
Different strategies and tactics to use when playing Turf.
Common questions and answers about the game.
(Rules and information
How the game works and miscellaneous information.)


Index for all TurfWiki resources.
Zone guide
The zone guide, e.g. which zone is worth that extra detour.
Third party development
About third party development. Description of APIs, existing products, etc.
With information on different regions and zones.

External links

Turf's official website,
Turf's official forum,
Issue Tracker
Bug reporting,
Turf's stats corner, -->