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Turf is a multiplayer game which is about conquering virtual areas of real places in the real world.


Activate your GPS[edit]

  1. To be able to play, you need to do a few things after you have completed the review of the game:

Tap the icon Menu userinfo.png in the lower left corner to activate the GPS in the game. The icon turns yellow when the GPS is activated. Touch and hold the same icon to turn off the GPS.

  1. If the icon is grey the GPS is turned off.
  2. The Icon should be illuminated (yellow), tap the icon again to center the map view around your current position.

If you do not see a green player icon in the interface, please check that you have access to the internet (internet connection is required to play the game) and that the GPS is activated in the mobile settings. If you have problems, please report this to the Turf game support.

Game layout[edit]


In Turf there are lots of virtual areas, called zones, deployed at real physical places in the world. Players in Turf travel to these areas to take them over and thus gaining points, medals and achieve other progress. A key element of Turf is that zones do not permanently belong to the player who takes them over, but can be taken over by other players after a certain time limit has passed. This means that players can re-take zones if they lose them to other players.


Points is another major component of Turf that, among other things, determines the player's level and position on the toplists, which in turn ranks players based on the total points they have accumulated during a round. There are two types of points: round points and total points. Round points are the points that a player has accumulated during a round in the game and are reset when a new round starts. The round score determines the position on the leaderboards and league game. The total points are determined by adding up the total amount of round points from all rounds. The total score determines your rank in the game and is permanent.

In the game there are two different sources of points, both connected to the zones in the game: Takeover points and points per hour. Takeover points are a sum of points that the player receives when performing a Takeover of a zone. Points per hour is a continuous source of points that gives points over time to the player who owns the zone. The takeover points can vary based on different factors. If a player takes over a zone or makes a so-called assisted takeover, the player receives the entire score in connection with the takeover, but not the point per hour. If a player performs a so-called revisit , ie a player takes over his own zone again after a time limit has been reached (23 hours), the player only gets half the takeover point. The score per hour on a return visit remains unchanged. The total amount of points per hour that a player receives is continuously calculated based on the number of zones that a player owns and what these zones are worth in terms of points.


Turf is divided into "game rounds" which last for about a month. A round of Turf always starts and ends on the first Sunday of the month at 12:00 GMT +1 (Central European Time). With each new round, the player's round points are reset and all zones automatically become neutral. Many medals are connected to where the players end up on the toplists for the region, country or the world.

Player icon

Get started guide[edit]

Begin playing[edit]

Demonstration of GUI

Map view and navigation[edit]

When the game starts, you are welcomed by the "map view" and the "user interface". The map view consists of the main satellite map, the user interface, game icons and zones. You navigate around the map by swiping your finger. You zoom in and out of the map view using the magnifying glasses in the lower field or by swiping outwards or inwards with two fingers. The map view can be tilted by swiping upwards with two fingers. Reduce the slope by swiping down with two fingers. The map view can be rotated by holding down one finger on the map and swiping another finger in a circular motion around it.

User interface[edit]

The user interface consists mainly of the map view which consists of the satellite map together with the game icons, the top row shows collected round points, number of owned zones and current points per hour. The bottom line shows the GPS button, zoom controls and menu button.

Upper part: From left to right: Current points per hour, round points and the number of zones owned by the player.
Lower part: From left to right: Icon for turning the GPS on and off, zoom control (zoom in and out), main menue button.

The GPS icon also centers the map view on the player if the GPS is activated. To see if the GPS is off or on, see if the icon is lit. To activate the GPS, tap the GPS icon and deactivate it by holding down the GPS icon. Keep the GPS activated after taking a zone to obtain a GPS bonus. You can see if the GPS bonus is active by seeing if the silhouette of the GPS icon has outstretched arms. If it does not, you need to take over a zone for it to be activated.

Game icons[edit]

See main article: List of symbols

Click "Expand" to the right to see the list of game icons.

Icon Name Description
User.png Player icon Player icon when moving or stationary.
User enemy.png Player icon -
Other player
Player icon for players other than yourself. Available in the same variants as the player icon.
Supporter.png Player icon -
Players who have bought Supporter days in the game and hence unlocked extra cosmetic Wardrobe upgrades.
Supporter white.png Player icon -
Supporter white
Players who have bought Supporter days in the game and have played for one year or more. Also have access to cosmetic upgrades, check Wardrobe.
User assist.png Player icon -
Player Icon when a assist have been done.
User takeover.png Player icon -
Player Icon when a takeover have been done.
User regionlord.png Player icon -
Region Lord
Players who currently own the most zones in the region and have been crowned Region Lord.
Sign yellow.png Notification - Yellow Indicates that a zone has recently been taken and is blocked.
Sign red.png Notification - Red Indicates that a zone you have owned have been taken by another player.
Sign green.png Notification - New zone Notification icon indicating that a zone has been added.
Sign event.png Notification - Event Notification icon indicating that new zones have appeared for an event.

GPS and relocation[edit]

After familiarizing yourself with the basic functions of navigation, you can activate the GPS function. Zones appear on the map as red, yellow or green markings on the map. Red zones are zones that belong to other players, yellow zones are neutral and do not belong to anyone yet, while green zones belong to you. Move in reality to a place where a zone is located. You may need to use the zoom lever to see exactly where you are going. The green player icon indicates your current position. As you move, the green player icon moves with you.

How to take over zones[edit]

When you are in the area of the zone, several things can happen. If you hear a voice saying Taking zone, you have started taking a zone. If the voice says Zone blocked, then the zone is not available at the moment and you need to come back later. The time until the zone is available again is displayed if you tap the zone cursor on the map. If you are in an accessible zone, a green bar will appear on the left side and you will receive a confirmation message from the game that the zone taking is in progress. The green bar indicates the time until you have taken over the zone, so-called takeover time. The takeover time becomes shorter as you rise in rank and receive various bonuses. When the bar is filled with green, you have taken over the zone. All zones give a certain amount of takeover points immediately and then give you points continuously (PPH, or points per hour) until another player takes the zone from you. Hard-to-reach zones often give more takeover points but less points per hour. Zones that are easily accessible or heavily trafficked by other turfers give less takeover points but more points per hour.

Demonstration of the main menue.

Main menue[edit]

The main menue is the central navigation menue in the game. The game continues in the background while you are in the main menu. The Menue is divided in four rows. Here is an description for what every choice in the menue do. (top to bottom, left to right).

Menue row 1:

  • Menu exit.png QUIT GAME - Shuts the game down.

Menue row 2:

  • Menu help.png HELP - Help page with links to external Turf pages.
  • Menu search.png SEARCH - Search after zones and players by keywords.
  • Menu event.png EVENTS - See upcoming events in the Turf calender.

Menue row 3:

  • Menu suggest.png SUGGEST - Suggest zones/zone placements.
  • Menu supporter.png SUPPORTER - Extra features that are unlocked when you have become a Supporter.
  • Menu userinfo.png PROFILE - See your rank, round points, owned zones, medals etc on your profile.
  • Menu settings.png SETTINGS - Gives access to your settings. Here you can also change your username.

Menue row 4:

  • Menu unique.png UNIQUE ZONES - See all unique zones you have taken in the map view.
  • Menu toplist.png LEADERBOARD - Get an overview of your ranking in the league game, your home region, your nation or globally.
  • Menu chat.png CHAT - Takes you to the chat channels.
  • Menu.png CLOSE - Closes the main menue.

Creator: Andrimon AB


  • It is not allowed to consciously take zones in a place where you are not. The phone must be in the zone when it starts to take the zone.
  • Sharing an account between multiple people is not allowed.
  • All legal means of transport are allowed.
  • No offensive / derogatory acts in the chat, unnecessary careless language, incitement against ethnic groups, spreading of links with harmful / inappropriate content or the like.

All cheating is reported to


Players who do not follow the rules risk being suspended and having their user account blocked. Players who do not follow the well-being rules in the chat risks a warning and suspension from the chat. If the action is repeated, the player can be suspended and have the account blocked. If the action is considered to be of a particularly serious nature, the player may risk suspension with immediate effect.

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