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Rules and information

  • Quick Guide - How to play Turf.
  • Rules - How to play Turf.
  • Zone - Information about zones and different types of zones.
  • Ranks - A page about the rank system. The more you play the higher rank you get.
  • Medals - Here you can read about the different medals.
  • Countries - Here you can read about the different countries and regions of Turf.
  • Donations - Thanks to generous donations we can continue to play Turf.
  • Bonanza and events - A more intense Turf competition.
  • List of Rounds - Every month a new round starts.
  • List of Winner Zones - A winner of a round get an own zone. Here is a list of winner zones.
  • Most Round medals - The turfers with the most Round medals.
  • History - Here you can read about different big happenings of Turf.
  • Turf Crew - Here you can read about why they exist, what they do and who they are.
  • Warded - The name of the site where you can find crazy much statistics about Turf and your own turfing.
  • Media - Want to know when and where Turf have been in the media? Check here.
  • Fairy - How much points a zone give you is decided by a system called Fairy.
  • Vocabulary - Your own Turf dictionary