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The strategy guide aims to present different strategies which can be used during a game session. This can be user-written guides as well as more general community strategies.

Different ways to take over zones[edit]

There are three ways to take over zones in Turf, takeover, assist and revisit.

Takeover takes place when you are inside a zone for the entire takeover time, which depends on your rank. When you have completed a takeover, you own the zone and thus color it green. You get the full amount of takeover points and then points per hour continuously as long as you own the zone.

Assist occurs when two or more people are inside a zone at the same time. The first to take over the zone colors it green and is awarded the ownership, all other players in the zone performs an assist. These players receive the shooting points that the zone is worth, but do not color the zone green nor do they receive points per hour. There can only be one owner per zone.

Revisit visits take place after you have taken over a zone and colored it green, then returned to the zone and taken it over again. You can take over your own zone at 23 hour intervals. You are awarded half the taking points that the zone is worth when you make a revisit and are awarded points per hour because you still own the zone.

Zone points[edit]

A zone can thus give you two types of points; takeover points and points per hour.

You always get the takeover points immediately after you have made a takeover. You get points per hour as long as you own a zone (ie as long as the zone is green).

What determines the points of the zones?[edit]

The points that the zones receive during each round in Turf are determined by how often they are taken and by how many different players. Zones located in very active areas with many players get a low takeover point and high points per hour, while zones located in inactive or remote areas gets high takeover points and low points per hour.

Different ways to play Turf[edit]

There are many different ways to play Turf. Each player finds their own style of play. Here are some examples of game modes:

  • Unique Hunters - Players chasing unique zones aim to take zones they have never taken before. This can be, for example, turf excursions far away in the near and far to new regions or municipalities where you have never been before. It can also be to take some zones in your own city that you have not visited before. It can also be a challenging hike to a zone located in the middle of a swamp. The unique hunters simply want to take as many different zones as possible.
  • Competition - The competition players bet on points, short and sweet. For example, it could be about competing in the league game, toplist, or just challenging your own personal best during a round.
  • Exercise - Some people play Turf in connection with other forms of exercise, such as distance cycling, hiking or running. In these cases, the location of the zones does not have to directly determine the route, but you simply take the zones that are along the road / route.

General recommendations[edit]

  • Turf with GPS on between the zones. It will be more fun for everyone if we see each other, and we can avoid blocking each other unnecessarily. It is also faster for you to take the zones because you get a 5 second GPS bonus for having the GPS on. When you start the GPS on Android, it is on until you actively turn it off, on the iPhone you must activate "background turf" in the app's settings first so the GPS does not turn off when you lock the phone.
  • Get in the habit of checking the chat (the speech bubble in the menu) every time you launch the app. You will not receive any notification of messages received while the app has been shut down. To reply to people in the chat (so they get a notification), you can tap their name before typing, then it will be typed automatically.
  • The app has a function for suggesting zones (light bulb in the menu). Note that nothing will happen when you submit a proposal. No one receives a notification that this has happened, it is only stored for general information to the zone makers to use in the future. To push further for new zones, you can create a thread in the forum or contact your local turf association.

Extra recommendations[edit]

  • Get acquainted with Warded (personal link on when you are logged in). There is lots of both current and historical information about points, zones, medals, quick rounds, etc. If you log in, you can see details about your own turf sessions, which zones you have taken in different regions and how often, which ones you have. left to take. You can share information about your sessions - but read carefully on the session page - there is a special link that is safe to share. Link to Warded is available at For those who are registered with a google login on, it is possible to log in directly on Warded (the direct route has on some occasion been disturbed when changes have been made to Google's login, then it has worked to go via the login to
  • You can get help and tips if you send a message in the app's chat to any turfer who is out.
  • If you use Facebook, there are several groups for Turf where you can ask questions and find information.
  • Losing zones is part of the game and should be perceived as positive. You get a lot more points for taking back a zone than for keeping it.
  • Do not be surprised if experienced turfers seem to avoid taking zones near you. On the one hand, they want to be kind to beginners, and on the other hand, they do not have to wait that long before they can take the zone after you because you do not block it for that long.
  • Do not stare blindly at the results of the round. After a while, you know where the nearest zones are and take them faster. And you will find shortcuts. In addition, the results of all the rounds are summed up and after a while it becomes a lot.
  • The more points you have accumulated, the longer it takes before someone else can take the zones from you and the shorter time you have to wait when you take a zone. The connection between rank, takeover time, blocking time can be found here.


You can send messages in the current region chat and in the current country chat (use the country's language) and in the world chat (use English). Keep in mind that the recipient can only read messages in their current region chat, in their current country chat, and in the world chat. If you are in different regions, use the country chat or the world chat. If you are unsure of which country the recipient is in - ask in the world chat (in English).

Tips & Trix[edit]

  • Assist allows multiple players to play together, and this can give new players several benefits. As stated earlier, the takeover time depends on your current rank, and it can be experienced for a long time in the beginning. Because assists occur immediately when the player with the shortest takeover time takes over the zone, you can shorten your own takeover time considerably if you play with a player with a much higher rank. So do not hesitate to turf with someone in the beginning!
  • Another advantage of assist is if there are many players in your immediate area who blocks zones near you. Ask if they want to drive with you and you will both get points for it. A disadvantage is that you lose a little points per hour, but in an active area these points can be considered marginal compared to the takeover points you get if you can cooperate with one or more other players and take over more zones.
  • Many experienced players run loops to achieve high scores in less time. This means that two or more (usually two) players travel along a distance and take zones in a special sequence. They run at an "interval" between each other so that the first player's block time has expired when the second player arrives in the zone and vice versa. This allows players to take the same zone again already after two block times have expired, instead of having to wait for the revisit time or a chance for another player to take the zones from them again. This usually takes place in a less active area that gives higher takeover points, although it has relatively few zones.
  • Another strategy is to take over zones in a highly active area late at night, when few other players are out playing. This means that you can get much more points per hour as you are more likely to keep the zones for a longer period of time.
  • Both the Restless and Insomnia medals count zone takes by calendar hour, and thus do not count down from 60 minutes after each zone shot. This means that you can take every other zone at short intervals and every other at long intervals to obtain the medals. For example, you can take one zone at 10:03 and the other at 11:54. The main thing is that a zone is taken every calendar hour.
  • One way to tackle the high stamina medals (for example El Staminatore and Staminatrix is to either turf with a player with a higher rank to shorten your takeover time, or run loops with another players in an area to be able to take each zone after two block times. In this way, you can find a zone-dense area so you do not have to travel as long distances and thus maximize the number of zone shots over time and get the medals a little easier.
  • When you are in the chat, you can tap and hold a player's name to open the player's profile.

PPH boosting[edit]

You get points from two sources when taking a zone; Takeover points and points per hour. This tactic serves to provide a backbone of points per hour (hereafter referred to as PPH) by taking zones in remote locations, which will help provide a constant income of points during a round.


  • Valuable tactic for climbing the ranks in the Toplists or in the Turf Leagues, especially in higher divisions.
  • Helps compensate for a lower block time and a slower takeover time if you are in the lower ranks, since higher level players will take zones faster and keep them for longer, thus scoring points a little bit faster.
  • Maximizes the utility of the PPH as a passive income. You want to keep the remote zones for as long as possible.
  • Easier to claim the Region Lord bonus, which will cut your takeover time by five seconds. If you plan on taking many zones during a round this bonus can be invaluable.


  • Will require a somewhat large investment in time and planning to execute, depending on the magnitude of the desired PPH boosting.
  • Some sort of vehicle/public transport is to be considered essential for this tactic to be used to its fullest potential, which will most likely cause extra expenses for the player.
  • May be susceptible to regional differences, e.g. if there are very few remote zones present within a feasible distance or if the area is densely populated with players who follow the same strategy.

General guideline[edit]

The goal is to find zones in remote locations which are not often visited by other players. This can be zones which are situated in remote and/or more difficult areas to reach like inside forests, water zones, summit zones or simply remote zones in general. You want to generally look for zones with a takeover points/points per hour ratio of 185p/+1. You can also plan ahead and view the latest performed takeover from Warded, the website or with Turf Map Tool.

By analyzing the frequency of the zone takeovers performed by other players you can get a general idea of the "remoteness" of the zone, and if it then qualifies to include in your PPH boosting strategy. You generally do not want to have your remote zones taken by other players, as your efforts and intentions (not to mention the distances you would have to travel to take them back) with this tactic would then be counteracted.

If you have built a sufficiently large PPH booster you should see notable improvements regarding the ease of acquiring the Region Lord bonus, helping you take more zones in shorter timespan, as well as the position climbing in the Toplists.