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Turf insider June 2015

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Weathered winners

Spring seems to have had some troubles keeping steady, a lot of rain has poured over us turfers and the temperatures were for the most part quite cool. Let's hope that June gives us a slightly warmer experience.

Did that stop us from competing our butts off in the previous round? Heck no! Hvalle grabbed this rounds gold medal with an amazing score of nearly 1.4 million points! The first runner up was simpson who managed to pass the one million mark by over 40 000 points and in third place we find Björke who ended this round with an impressive 819 000 points! Well done everyone!

Bonanza 2015

Yesteraday was a special day in Turf history, namely the the 2015 edition of Turf Bonanza in Stockholm! For those of you unaware of this type of event, it is the annual and official Turf event of the year. Oh yeah, and I was there and documented the competition, had a few words with a lot of fellow turfers, a few guys from the turf crew and even one of the creators was chillaxing in the couch and overseeing the event. As with all big events, there was a small hiccup in the first round, but was solved pretty quickly and the round went on with jonac as the winner!

The second round however, showed no server problems and the fight for the third place was a really interesting one. I, Jojje and Drassen were following the updates on the screen back at the base while listening to Blabert speaking on his portable studio to all the turfers in the field. CykelTurbo and MarresmacK were passing each other back and forth near the end but at the very end CykelTurbo managed to pass MarresmacK with only six points! When it came to the second and first place it was pretty clear who would win somewhere after 2:30 pm when CykelTurbo lost his second place to Thunell. morgam was unstoppable after 2:10 pm who managed to keep the lead and snatch the gold medal with over 100 points ahead of Thunell.

Picture missing please upload
Picture missing please upload

After the event, a lot of us joined up at a pub to eat, drink, and talk about Turf, and perhaps some other topic. For more pictures, check out this link!

Upcoming events

Thirsty for more even action? Wait no further! The annual Umeå Midnight Classic (yes you read right, it takes places during the night) is already on the 13th of June! Registration is not mandatory, but does help, so please register before the 10th. The organizers would also appreciate 20 kr for the event but not even that is mandatory. For more info (in Swedish):

Another annual event is the Turf Open Jönköping, or TOJ which will kick off on the 8th of August in (you guessed it) Jönköping. It's free to participate, and you will compete in teams! You can register your participation right up until the event starts but if you want to join in on the cool dinner afterwards, they would like to know you're coming before the 3rd of August at For more info (in Swedish):

Finally, we have an event with a wet twist, Turf Sea Challenge Kalmar! Yes sir, it's on water and you will be renting a two man canoe to dish it out versus a whole bunch of other turfers, it's going to be a unique experience! This insane happening will be held on the 29th of August, detailed information in Swedish can be found here:

This has been a long news letter so I'm not going to add anything tips or tricks as I often do. I'll end this letter by saying, have a great summer everyone, and see you in July

//StarDust, Sweden