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Turf insider November 2020

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Round winnersEdit

Congratulations to the winners of round 124: Bont from Västerbotten biked home his fifth Gold, M0112 from Lounais-Suomi secured his third Silver by turfing home just over one million points, and finally the turfer formerly known as Oberoff, now Oktoberoff, added his first bronze to his medal row.
Well done, mates!

Turf and Covid-19Edit

Autumn is finally here in full force and with it an increase in Covid-19 infections. New restrictions have come into play all over Sweden and other European countries. This has put a stop to many monthly in-door and out-door Turf meetings for example both in Gothenburg and Umeå. Uppsala had an outdoor Turf brunch in October with over 20 turfers in attendance at a picnic site in the City Forest. Stricter recommendations are now in place in Uppsala, so there will be no Turf get together in November, not even outdoors. Hopefully we can meet for our annual 'Turf-glögg' at the zone WaterWorld in December. We gather, sample "glögg" (mulled and spiced wine, both with alcohol and without), munch on ginger bread cookies and freeze. The 45 minutes to one hour we stand under the water tower is without competition the coldest, windiest and wettest meeting of every year. But I would not miss it for all the Turf medals in the game if I have a say in the matter :)

Luckily enough we can still Turf by ourselves or in small groups with our closest friends and family. Turf is the best hobby for these trying times. It will give us our daily exercise, takes us into the great outdoors and gives us exciting places to visit. What more can we ask for? It also supplies us with many hours of "theory Turf" in-doors, supported by third party statistics sites such as Warded, Frut and Lundkvist ( And when all else fails, you can turn on "Turf-TV"; this is when you turn on the Turf Application only to follow ans watch other turfers take zones in the comfort of your own home.

Expansion in the UKEdit

Turf is starting to take off all over the British Islands. ESCOWalter and CSL from Scotland co-wrote a long article about Turf in CompassSport, Britain's National Orienteering Magazine, published in the October Number. Ever since, newbies have been popping up daily all over the UK, and this means lots of new zones on the British Islands. Often, however, there is just one newbie in a city and this can get boring fast, and not just for lack of zones. If you find yourself as the only turfer in your city, I suggest going for the Expandator medal: ”The Expandator belongs to the honorful ones who have put up at least 25 Turf posters.”. This could be a great way to get new turfers to your area. Design and print 25 posters (A4 format is usually enough) and put up at local advertisement boards and the like. Take a photo of each poster you put up and submit your Medal claim via the Issue system. And If that does not work, keep working hard on your family and friends to join. Turf is more fun together! Remember: The only thing worse than someone taking your zones, is no one taking your zones :) Welcome all newbies in the United Kingdom to Turf!

Tip Of The MonthEdit

If you have done all the different missions in your city or if your city doesn't have any missions on frut.zundin, you can do as Corellian in Mariehamn, decide on a phrase eg Merry Christmas and take zones in sequence that with their first letters making up the phrase for you to see on Today's Activity at frut.zundin. Corellian has named this particular way to take zones "to make a letter session" :)

Turfa lugnt/Safe turfing!