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Iphone release, takeover record x2 and much more!

Results of round 39

This round a true team effort really took an impact on the world top 3! In Linköping, the Turf veteran mipson partnered up with former gold medalist Snusmumriken in an epic fight for zones. Actually both of these maniacs erased the previous takeover record from round 29, held by Mazarin at 5 042 takeovers. Amazing indeed, and of course these amount of takeovers results in a fair amount of points aswell, Mipson landing just over 825 000 points and Snusmumriken around 730 000. In between these two the Örebro turfer Tturf also wanted a piece of the action, scoring around 775 000 points and grabbing the silver medal. Amazing achievements and congratulations to all three of you, but especially to mipson who after a long life of turfing, finally could lay his hands on the gold medal :-)

iPhone released!

After over three years of Android turfing, today the app was finally released in Apples appstore! A true milestone in Turf history, to say the least. With iTurf now available, we will most certainly see an increase of turfers and as we all know Turf is a game much more fun with more opponents!

The release was acknowledged by articles on both feber.se and 99mac.se and we did see quite a few new turfers out there today. Actually over 800 registered on Turf today and over 200 of them also took at least 1 zone. I would consider that a good result :-) Further more Turf crew pulled out the Turf flag, setting camp on Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm during the day and invited both new and old turfers for a chat and a nice little get together!

The development of the iPhone, and of course the Android app, will continue but I must say that the initial release of the iPhone app looks really nice and smooth. Some really nice features that I know we will see in the Android version soon, like the new cacheable google maps, swiping through chats and toplists and last but not least a really, really fast interface.

All in all, a great release and I'm sending a huge thanks to the developers who makes this possible on their spare time!

Other misc news

In other news I would like to push for a brand new Turf fanzine, called turf24.se! All the Turf news you need, presented in a sporty like fashion :-) Great minds are trying to figure out who is behind this site, but so far the insightfull and well read person(s) is anonymous.. Whoever is behind it, here at Turf insider we welcome this site which brings us all the news we need about Turf on a daily basis :-)

Turf wiki, Facebook and Instagram

Visit the Turf Wiki wiki.turfgame.com and learn more about Turf or share your knowledge! The English part has just started. All thoughts, facts and questions are welcome. Feel free to write about your favorite zone, explain the best zones in your region, how fairy works or whatever.

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You can now find Turfcrew at Instagram! We share many things about both developing and turfing :-)

Our third party developers continue their work with cool features, for example we now have a brand new and exciting Turf Leauge! Work your way up through the divisions and try to make it to the elite bunch of insane turfers and stay there :-) Sounds interesting? Check out TurfLeague

Have You found a bug or issue when turfing? You can report your issue at issues.turfgame.com A big thanks to TBIT for developing and maintaining this great tool!

As always, I will remind us all to go check out our forum forum.turfgame.com and our stats avaiable at warded.se/turf! And of course the brand new Turf Wiki wiki.turfgame.com :-)

Happy turfing and don't forget to make a small detour for that extra zone!

Blabert, Sweden