Version 0.5.7

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Version 0.5.7 replaced version 0.5.6 on 2011-01-18 and lasted until 2011-02-12 when version 0.5.8 was released.


  • Statistics page in the menu. The statistics page shows some fun info like unique zone takes, how long block time you have, the total of zone takes, how far you have traveled between the zones and the total score ever. More will obviously be replenished in this page over time.
  • Unique zones can also be highlighted to show all the zones you have ever taken.
  • With the unique zone takes we have added five new medals.
   - Take 50 unique zones
   - Take 100 unique zones
   - Take 250 unique zones
   - Take 500 unique zones
   - Take 1000 unique zones
  • Updated menu page, it now shows your rank and your medals.
  • Ranking number. Now the rankings are given a number so you can easily keep track of which rank "level" you are on.
  • The medals are now centred in the user info.
  • The zoom is fixed up a little now so hopefully it should not jump around as much when zooming in.
  • A small fix with synchronization has been done now, so hopefully it should not differ between phone and server anymore.
  • In the toplist, we have changed the way and the graphics when switching between different modes (global / regional).