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Zon BlabTower-01.jpg
The letter sculptures, Moa Martinsons Torg.
Photo: Celtikcross
LocationStockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
SurfaceConcrete slabs
TriviaBlabert's winner zone globally and in Sweden round 14.
BlabTower at

BlabTower is a turf zone in the municipality of Stockholm in the region of Stockholm in Sweden and is counted as a winner zone.


This winner zone is located by the high-rise building on Moa Martinsons Torg and on Lindhagensgatan by the street Hornsbergs Strand in the area Hornsbergs Strand, in the district Stadshagen on northwestern Kungsholmen, in Stockholm City Centre.

Moa Martinsons Torg[edit]

“I want to give visitors to Moa Martinson's square a different reading experience, but also an experience of the beauty of the graphic word. And not least: a mental journey through time through the associations that Moa's words and lines of text give. ”

This is how Lina Nordenström (b. 1963) concludes her proposal for an artistic design of Moa Martinson's square - the result of a close collaboration in mutual respect between herself and the landscape architect Bengt Isling (b. 1954) at Nyréns Arkitektkontor.

The square is part of the transformation of northwestern Kungsholmen, from a port and industrial area to a mixed area with housing, offices, services and trade. It is also part of a park route that, completed in the summer of 2013, will extend from Hornsbergs Strand to Kristinebergs Strand.

Despite its relative small size, the square gives a strong feeling of space. The artist did not want to disturb it. Instead, she chose to work close to the ground with her work, which consists of hundreds of text fragments from Moa Martinson's authorship and sculptures of letters that together form Moa Martinson's name. The font is Berling antique, both for the blasted granite slabs and for the letter sculptures, which have real old types of lead as a model. When Moa Martinson's books began to be published, such types were used in the printing of the texts. Lina Nordenström, a very knowledgeable and skilled graphic artist, has had them enlarged 40 times and reworked them so that each letter sculpture can be perceived as a three-dimensional, graphic sheet.

13.5 tons of sand went to the molds for the 13 sculptures. The 70 × 140 cm granite slabs are the largest in Stockholm ever laid on a square.[1]

Moa Martinson[edit]

Moa Martinson, born Helga Maria Swarts sometimes spelt Swartz, (2 November 1890 – 5 August 1964) was one of Sweden's most noted authors of proletarian literature. Her ambition was to change society with her authorship and to portray the conditions of the working class, and also the personal development of women. Her works were about motherhood, love, poverty, politics, religion, urbanization and the hard living conditions of the working-class woman.[2]

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