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This winner zone is located on the grass / park next to Wellington Street, in the Footdee area, northeast of Aberdeen Harbor.


Footdee (Scots: Fittie) is an area of Aberdeen, Scotland known locally by its Scots language name of Fittie. It is an old fishing village at the east end of the harbour. The name is actually folk etymology. Far from being "Foot of the Dee/Fit o the Dee", it is actually a corruption of a former dedication to a "St Fittick". It has also been referred to as Fort Dee.

The area has had a settlement as far back as the Medieval times and the first recorded reference to the area of Fittie was in the year 1398. This village was slightly further North than where Footdee is now located. It would have been near to where the St Clement's Church is located.[1]

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