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Picture taken by Snabelanna
SurfaceGrass, Gravel
TriviaGallant's winner zone in Sweden round 135.
GallantNO1 at

GallantNO1 is a turf zone in the municipality of Kalmar in the region of Kalmar in Sweden and is counted as a winner zone.


This winner zone is located by Kalmar old water tower, on Kvarnholmen in central Kalmar.

Kalmar old water tower[edit]

Kalmar old water tower is 65 meters high and can be seen from a long distance. The building is Kvarnholmen's tallest and today contains apartments. The tower was built in 1887–1900 and designed by Hans Hedlund. Between 1900 and 1910, water was taken from three wells in Skälby, which is three kilometers from the city center. Then they took water from springs in the Nybro ridge, about 2.5 km outside the city until the tower was taken out of use in 1972 when the new water tower was ready. In 1983, the tower was converted into a residential building and today the 15 floors contain eleven apartments. The new water tower in Kalmar is 45.5 meters high but stands on a higher ground point and reaches a total height of 71 meters above sea level.[1]


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