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View south. Photo: Jockatim
LocationStockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
SurfacePedestrian and cycle path
Highhope at

Highhope is a turf zone in the municipality of Stockholm in the region of Stockholm in Sweden and is counted as a bridge zone.


This bridge zone is located at the pedestrian and cycle path on the highest point of Alviksbron, a light rail bridge for Tvärbanan between the island of Stora Essingen and the residential district of Alvik, west of central Stockholm.


Alviksbron (Swedish for The Alvik Bridge) is a box girder bridge in central Stockholm, Sweden. Stretching over Oxhålssundet, it connects Stora Essingen island to the western suburb Bromma. Built 1996-1998 by the Nordic Construction Company at a cost of 180 million SEK, it has served the Tvärbanan light rail line and pedestrians and bicyclists since its inauguration in August 2000. The name is derived from Alvik, originally a local manor house built in 1819 and demolished in 1930.

The bridge is 400 metres in length with a 140-metre central span and a horizontal clearance of 24 metres. The underside of the bridge tie forms an arch intended to make the bridge as slender as possible. The two pillars standing in the water each consist of two thin concrete plates dressed in two-quarters brick with a common concrete foundation. They are illuminated after dark.[1]

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