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LocationTurku, Lounais-Suomi, Finland
Created2016-03-25 04:00:00
HolyKaatariin at

HolyKaatariin is a turfzone in Turku in the region of Lounais-Suomi (Southwestern Finland) in Finland. The zone is located in the province of Varsinais-Suomi and is counted as a holy zone.


This zone is placed by St. Catherine's Church in the student village in the town district of Nummi.

St. Catherine's Church[edit]

St. Catherine's Church is a medieval stone church in the Nummi district of Turku. The church is today almost in the middle of Student village. Research believes that the church is from the end of the 15th century. The former wooden church was consecrated on January 22, 1351 by the bishop Hemming and the bishop Tomas from Växjö.

The church was named after its patron saint Catherine of Alexandria. The connection is in a seal from 1309 where her picture is. The seal was used to confirm the bishop's election that was held that year.

The church was previously located in the municipality of Kaarina's area and was then usually called Kaarina Church. Nummi joined the city of Turku in 1939 and then Kaarina's parish also extended into the city of Turku. In 1991, this area formed their own parish. To avoid confusion, the parish within the city area was called St. Catherine Parish and the church St. Catherine. The parish in Kaarina kept the old name and the parish center in Hovirinta became the new Kaarina church.


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