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KimitoChurch is a turfzone in the municipality of Kimitoön in the region of Lounais-Suomi (Southwestern Finland) in Finland. The zone is located in the county of Varsinais-Suomi and is counted as a holy zone.


The zone is placed outside the church of Kimito by the road "Finnuddsvägen".


Kimito Church or "S:t Andreas kyrka" is dedicated to Andrew to Apostle. The Sacristy is probably the oldest part of the church but the pillars and the arches should have been completed by 1469 by the latest. The church is built of gray stone and the western tower with an onion dome in baroque style and the nave belong to the construction phase after the church fire in the late 18th century. The belfry is from 1786–1788.

Nearby zones are VisitKimito, KimitoZone and KimitoSport.

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