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LocationKiruna, Norrbotten, Sweden
Created2017-04-26 20:08:18
LaestadiPörte at

LaestadiPörte is a turfzone in the municipality of Kiruna in the region of Norrbotten in Sweden. The zone is located in the historical province of Lapland.


This zone is placed by shore of the Muonio (river) in the village of Karesuando by the "Læstadiuspörtet" Museum.


The Læstadiuspörtet building is the only remaining house of the pastoral residence in Karesuando. Lars Levi Læstadius lived at Karesuando vicarage from 1826 to 1849, when he took up the post of parish priest in Pajala. The Læstadiuspörtet building of Karesuando is located at the shore of the Muonio River, which borders Finland. The building is an inconspicuous knot timbered wooden building. However, this is hidden by the external gray board lining from the mid-1950s.

Inside the building there are wooden benches that originates from the old church in Karesuando. These pews have been in place since the church was renovated in 1954. The walls are decorated with the altarpiece from the old church and pictures of the first preachers from the Laestadianism revival, Johan Raattamaa (1811–1899), Per-Anders "Ies-Pieti" Wasara (1815 –1896), and Henrik Nilsson Unga (1819–1898) also called “Posti-Heikki”.

The building is sometimes used for services. There are also some weddings and baptisms of Karesuando parish.


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