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LocationSan Francisco, California, USA
SurfaceAsphalt on the roadway and the concrete on the sidewalk.
LombardZone at

LombardZone is a turfzone in the city of San Francisco in the region of California in the US.


The zone is located in the steepest part of the classic Lombard Street, the world's most curvy road. One need not go out on the road but it is possible to stand on the sidewalk and take zone.


  • On foot : Start turf , search for " Lombard Zone " , walking off into the zone ;-).
  • By Bike : probably the easiest to ride to Fisherman's wharf and then Leavenworth street until you reach Lombard street 6 blocks south. The zone is then up to the right.
  • By public transport : Take a cable car to the station above the crookedest part of Lombard street , stop called " Hyde Street & Lombard Street ."
  • By Car: Enter the Hyde street in GPS and a run to the junction with Lombard street , turn down the crooked part. If you are lucky it goes slow and you can take zone from the car, otherwise you may park and walkturf .


Stay a while and see all the tourists trying to take good pictures of this crooked street .


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