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TerrainPargas, Lounais-Suomi, Finland
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MH11Gruvan at

MH11Gruvan is a turfzone in Pargas in the region of Lounais-Suomi (Southwestern Finland) in Finland. The zone is located in the county of Varsinais-Suomi and is counted as a winner zone.

This is M0112s global winner zone for round 111 with the result of 1 617 945 points. This was the 2nd gold medal for a player from Finland. This zone is therefore the also the 2nd global winner zone placed in Finland.


The zone is placed on a small pedestrian dirt road that runs between to road "Skräbbölevägen" and the edge of limestone mine. The following zones can be found nearby MH7Silver, NäraTennis and Kalkbrottet.

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MH11Gruvan (Warded)