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LocationEast Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom
SurfaceGrass, Sand
TriviaCruachan's winner zone in the United Kingdom round 133.
TheOldMan at

TheOldMan is a turf zone in the municipality of East Lothian in the region of Scotland in the United Kingdom and is counted as a winner zone.


This winner zone is located at The Old Man, Gullane Point. A rock outcrop at the north end of Aberlady Bay, in the Aberlady Bay Nature reserve, about 1,5 miles west of the town of Gullane which is 8 miles north of Haddington.

Aberlady Bay Local Nature Reserve[edit]

Aberlady Bay Local Nature Reserve was the first site to be designated a Nature reserve, in 1952. It comprises a complete set of habitats from low water right through to salt marsh and sand dune, unchanged by the influence of people. The area within the Reserve is extensive, and, in consequence, the paths across it take time to cover. Dogs are not welcome on the Reserve due to the potential for disturbing nesting and / or roosting birds.[1]


Gullane (possibly from Scottish Gaelic Gualainn 'ridge') is a town on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth in East Lothian on the east coast of Scotland. There has been a church in the village since the ninth century. The ruins of the Old Church of St. Andrew built in the twelfth century can still be seen at the western entrance to the village; the church was abandoned after a series of sandstorms made it unusable, and Dirleton Parish Church took its place.

Gullane Bents, the village's award-winning beach, is backed by large sand dunes that in recent years have become rather overgrown by invasive shrubs like sea-buckthorn. Gullane is part of the John Muir Way, a long-distance footpath along the coast between Musselburgh and Dunglass.[2]

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