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2014 (MMXIV) was a normal year that began on a Wednesday in the Gregorian calendar.

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2014-03-02 Turf v1.1.1 for iOS New version for iOS that replaced v1.1.0 for iOS


2014-04-03 First regionteam in a regionbattle to reach 100 participators 13:10:44 - Skåne
2014-04-30 New medals Country medal 69.png and Region medal 68.png


2014-05-05 First turfer to receive the medal Country medal 69.png 11:30:44 - Snusmumriken for Sweden Sverige flagga.png, AcidRulez for Denmark Danmark flagga.png and mrGisle for Norway Norge flagga.png
2014-05-31 First player to reach 1 million points during one round 15:58 - Loaf


2014-06-07 Turfs fifth Bonanza - Stockholm - Bonanza: Stockholm 2014 Time heat 1: 10:00-12:00, time heat 2: 14:00-16:00 - Winner: Thunell
2014-06-10 Turf Version for Android and v1.1.2 for iOS New android version that replaced Version 0.9.7 and new version for iOS that replaced v1.1.1 for iOS.
2014-06-24 Turf v1.2.0 for iOS Turfs second update for iOS with for example the possibility to suggest new zones Link


2014-07-08 First turfer to receive the medal UK Explorer 65.png 20:03:18 - kaninmage
2014-07-29 Turf v1.3.0 for iOS iOS user was able to use Turf on iPads and to use the application in landscape mode Link


2014-08-17 First turfer to reach 10 000 000 points in total 19:29 - Snusmumriken


2014-09-12 10 000 000 zon takes 08:24:38 - Wsnurr is the winner of a android wear


2014-10-17 Turf v1.3.6 for iOS Spectator mode and better GPS. Link


During the year, 8,815 turf zones were created in 41 countries according to the table below.

Country Zones
Australia Flag of Australia.png 2
Austria Flag of Austria.png 1
Belize Flag of Belize.png 1
Brazil Flag of Brazil.png 5
Canada Flag of Canada.png 1
Cape Verde Flag of Cape Verde.png 1
China Flag of China.png 2
Costa Rica Flag of Costa Rica.png 1
Cyprus Flag of Cyprus.png 1
Denmark Flag of Denmark.png 1 397
El Salvador Flag of El Salvador.png 1
Finland Flag of Finland.png 125
France Flag of France.png 7
Germany Flag of Germany.png 26
Greece Flag of Greece.png 12
Guatemala Flag of Guatemala.png 1
Honduras Flag of Honduras.png 1
Hungary Flag of Hungary.png 2
Iceland Flag of Iceland.png 1
Italy Flag of Italy.png 2
Japan Flag of Japan.png 9
Lithuania Flag of Lithuania.png 4
Luxembourg Flag of Luxembourg.png 1
Malta Flag of Malta.png 1
Mexico Flag of Mexico.png 1
Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands.png 61
New Zealand Flag of New Zealand.png 1
Nicaragua Flag of Nicaragua.png 1
Norway Flag of Norway.png 653
Panama Flag of Panama.png 1
Poland Flag of Poland.png 2
Portugal Flag of Portugal.png 5
Singapore Flag of Singapore.png 1
Slovakia Flag of Slovakia.png 2
Spain Flag of Spain.png 2
Sweden Flag of Sweden.png 5 767
Switzerland Flag of Switzerland.png 2
Turkey Flag of Turkey.png 2
United Arab Emirates Flag of the United Arab Emirates.png 2
United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom.png 702
USA Flag of USA.png 5

Source: Urbangeeks

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