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TypeGame mechanic
IntroducedVersion 1.2.1 (2017)
TriviaThe biggest crowd performing an assist included [???] players.

Assist (alt. Assistant take) is a game element that was introduced in Turf in version 1.2.1 2017. The aim with the assist-mechanic was to make turfing together more fun and easy to do. This form of take has now been expanded with special medals linked to just assisted shooting.


The player with the shortest takeover time will be the one to do a regular takeover. The difference is that all other players (if several players stand in a zone simultaneously) will perform an assist, when the takeover is done. The player who gets the takeover will raise his arms fully and the player(s) getting the assist will raise their arms halfway up.

In the time before assist the player with the shortest takeover time claimed both the takeover points and the pph for owning the zone, if another player was standing in the zone with longer takeover time he would had to leave empty handed.

If a zone is marked as unique for one or more players, it counts as taken regardless if the player(s) performed an assist or takeover.

To make an assist in connection with a revisit, it is required that the player who is to make a revisit must take the zone, other players can thus make an assist on the revisit and receive 100% of the takeover points, ie not 50 % that the person making the revisit receives. The short block time for revisits also enables another take shortly thereafter.

Medal taking[edit]

  • For medals, assists are counted in the same way as the regular take, including the medal Trainer.
  • If a player wants to take the medal Neutralizer, an exception applies, as only the one who takes the zone counts.


When one performs an assist you only get the takeover points (TP) for the zone, no points per hour (PPH) which you only get when you do a takeover of the zone. Everyone who stands in a zone while a takeover is done gets an assist. If a player is involved in assisting on a neutral zone, that player will be awarded the full neutral bonus of 50 points.


There are two types of medals in different denominations associated with assists.

  • Crowdy in different denominations depending on how many turfers participated and assisted in one and the same takeover.
  • Assist in different denominations depending on how many times a turfer has been involved and assisted in takeovers.

Event and Bonanza[edit]

The assist function is deactivated when participating in Event and Bonanza.

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