Bonanza:Örebro 2021

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Turf Bonanza 2021
Örebro 2021.png
Bonanza Örebro 2021
OrganizerÖrebro Turfers
CountrySweden Flag of Sweden.png
TriviaTurf's eleventh Bonanza

Turf Bonanza 2021 was Turf's eleventh Bonanza and took place on September 4, 2021 in Örebro.

The event area was on the front of Engelbrektsskolan with a view of the Svartån river that flows through Örebro.

The responsible organization for the event this time was the turf association Örebro Turfers.

Memory zone: Bonanza2021

Number of participants[edit]

A total of 295 turfers from at least four countries participated in the Bonanza. Bonanza Foot had 167 participants while Bonanza Bike had 128 participants.


rabbit_rail takes its second gold and its third value medal. The first gold came at Turf Bonanza 2017 in Jönköping. Also has a bronze from Turf Bonanza 2016 in Kalmar.

With its bronze, Raudonvirsis takes its second straight value medal. Has a gold from Turf Bonanza 2019 in Stockholm since before.

SunYour takes with its silver its second value medal. Already has a gold from Turf Bonanza 2013 in Uppsala.


Top-3 places in the walking / running heat were:

Turfer Zone Takeovers Unique zones Distance Points
20.png rabbit_rail 89 56 16.1km 1 944
19.png 19Ovechkin 90 68 15.7km 1 823
18.png Raudonvirsis 87 73 15.1km 1 719

Top-3 places in the cycling heat were:

Turfer Zone Takeovers Unique zones Distance Points
20.png magnusn 98 75 19.4km 1 901
19.png SunYour 108 54 21.6km 1 860
18.png ravinous 101 80 18.2km 1 844


Winners of Turf Award's 2020[edit]


All photos from Turf - Outdoor Addiction facebook.

More pictures here (Turf - Outdoor Addiction facebook)