Bonanza:Turf Bonanza 2014

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The Turf Bonanza 2014 was held in Stockholm on Saturday, June 7. The meeting point was at a sports ground called Enskede IP. The event area covered much of Stockholm's southern suburbs.

There were two heats. The leaderboard of the first heat, which was open and free of charge, showed that taking the most zones doesn't necessarily give you the most points:

  1. GekkoMan, 2295 points, 98 zones taken
  2. Mörkret, 2166 points, 104 zones taken
  3. Wsnurr, 2127 points, 111 zones taken

Top three of the second heat, which was closed and had a participant fee of 250 SEK, were

  1. Thunell, 1189 points, 115 zones taken
  2. Maqqan, 1875 points, 106 zones taken
  3. MasterOfTurf, 1866 points, 85 zones taken

The zone layout was different between the two heats. Heat one had a higher zone density and was more adapted for turfers on foot.

Prices were awarded at a ceremony at Enskede IP.

Dinner was held at The Flying Horse on Odengatan in central Stockholm.