Bonanza:Turf Bonanza 2015

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The Turf Bonanza 2015 was held in Stockholm on Saturday, June 6. The meeting point was at the club cabin of Bromma-Vällingby SOK (Skiing and orienteering club) in the suburb of Vällingby, by the Turf zone KanZone. The event area covered much of Stockholm's western suburbs. Many of the practical arrangements were made by the newly formed society Turf Stockholms Län, or Turf08 for short.

There were two heats. The leaderboard of the first heat, which was open and free of charge, looked like this:

  1. jonac, 2996 points, 90 zones taken
  2. HRytter, 2264 points, 81 zones taken
  3. yxa, 2258 points, 89 zones taken

Top three of the second heat, which was closed and had a participant fee of 25 €, were:

  1. morgam, 1528 points, 79 zones taken
  2. Thunell, 1420 points, 78 zones taken
  3. CykelTurbo, 1377 points, 70 zones taken

The zone layout was different between the two heats. Heat one had a higher zone density and was more adapted for turfers on foot. Prices were awarded at a ceremony at the Bromma-Vällingby SOK club cabin. Prices for participants in heat one were items donated by sponsors.

Prices for the top three in heat two were gift certificates at a well known sports retailer:

  1. 2000 SEK
  2. 1000 SEK
  3. 500 SEK

Dinner was held at Restaurant Löwenbräu near Fridhemsplan on the island of Kungsholmen in Stockholm.