Closed event

A closed event is a event where only participants who have registered in advance can participate. Unlike an open event, where everyone can participate.

The zones in a closed event are invisible to those who do not participate in the event.


During a closed event, the following rules apply to everyone who participates, regardless of rank and any bonuses:

  • Takeover time is 30 seconds.
  • Block time is 3 minutes.
  • Assist is disabled.
  • All regular zones within the event area are deactivated for the participants in the event.
  • Special event zones are created on the game plan and give points as below.
  • The event zones are neutral when the event starts, but do not give a neutral bonus because all bonuses are deactivated.
  • All points are included in a special toplist.
  • No points taken on event zones, are included in a turfer's regular points.
  • All regular zones remain for everyone who does not participate in the event, and can be taken as usual for these.


No medals are awarded in closed events.


Information on how to organize a 24-hour event can be found here.

Rules for organizers[edit]

Rules for organizers can be found here.

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