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Copenhagen (København)
København, Hovedstaden.png
The municipality of Copenhagen in Denmark
Coat of arms of Copenhagen.png
Coat of arms of Copenhagen
CountryDenmark Flag of Denmark.png
RegionHovedstaden Flag of Hovedstaden.png
Number of zones417
Maximum PPH492
Last updated2022-01-06

Copenhagen (in Danish København) is a municipality in the region of Hovedstaden (Capital of Denmark) in Denmark. The municipality has about 633,000 inhabitants.

Copenhagen (København) is the Denmark capital and largest urban area. The entire metropolitan area, which also includes a number of other nearby municipalities, has approximately 1.3 million inhabitants.


The municipality of Copenhagen has Öresund in the east and borders the municipalities Tårnby in the south, Hvidovre in the southeast, Rødovre in the west, Herlev in the northwest and Gladsaxe and Gentofte in the north. The municipality Frederiksberg is located as a enclave in the municipality.

Urban areas[edit]

The urban areas in the municipality form part of the urban area Copenhagen metropolitan area or Metropolitan Copenhagen (Danish: Hovedstadsområdet, literally "The Capital Area").


There are 417 turf zones in Copenhagen municipality, 24 of which are counted as winner zones, one water zone, eleven train station zones, six monument zones, 15 holy zones, 23 bridge zones, four castle zones and one ruin zone.

The most taken zone is Hovedbangård which is located by a bicycle parking lot outside Copenhagen Central Station (Københavns Hovedbanegård) in central Copenhagen.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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Updated: 2022-01-06


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