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World map with countries where Turf is officially launched marked in green. Other countries with region division are marked in light green.

Turf is officially available in nine countries, where the app is available for download at Google Play/App Store. These countries are in turn divided into regions, corresponding to e.g. county in Sweden, each with a regional toplist.

A user's website at turfgame.com also presents a further division of regions, areas, which correspond to municipalities in Sweden and is called municipality in Turf.

In other countries, there is normally a few turf zones available for traveling turfers to take, so-called "Tourist zones". In these countries, there is normally no regional division, but the whole country constitutes a single region.

At present, there are zones on all continents except Antarctica.

Countries where Turf is officially available[edit]

Sweden Sverige flagga.png[edit]

Turf developed in Sweden and grew slowly but surely. The most important factor has been committed players who have gotten new ones to start playing, by speaking for Turf, putting up posters and making sure Turf appears in media. Sweden is still the most active country for turfers.

Netherlands Nederländerna flagga.png[edit]

Turf expanded in August 2011 to the Netherlands. At the launch, the "turf" event CampZone was arranged on a large LAN. It gave some response but not as much as hoped.

South Korea Sydkorea flagga.png[edit]

When the next country was to be launched, a country with a very high proportion of Android phones and with a people interested in gaming, South Korea, was chosen. Despite contacts with people in South Korea, it was tricky to attract enough players.

Denmark Danmark flagga.png[edit]

At the beginning of 2012 it was Denmark's turn. A flat country where we Swedes understand the language, an easy match. People were attracted through various forums, among other things. In March, Turf appeared in a local newspaper in Denmark, Nordvestnyt. Marketing has taken place on forums and Facebook.

Norway Norge flagga.png[edit]

On Norway's National Day (May 17) 2012, it was Norway's turn to start turfa. Marketing has taken place on forums and Facebook. Newspapers have also been contacted. A private Norwegian sponsor initially sponsored prizes, gift cards at a sports shop.

Finland Finland flagga.png[edit]

During August 2012, zones were built in Finland. Marketing has taken place on forums and Facebook.

Iceland Island flagga.png[edit]

In February 2013 it was finally Iceland's turn. There are now zones throughout the Nordic region.

United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom.png[edit]

Britain was the eighth country to get Turf. This happened on June 15 2013.

Germany Flag of Germany.png[edit]

2019 Germany became the ninth and most recent country where Turf has been officially launched.

Countries divided into different regions, but where Turf is not officially available[edit]

USA Flag of the USA.png[edit]

Building zones in the United States became a difficult project because a similar game with similar name was about to be established. In Turf, the United States is divided into 51 regions, which correspond to the 50 states and the federal district District of Columbia. All have turf zones, but only the region of California has more than tourist zones. There is no Explorer Medal for taking zones in all US regions.

Japan Flag of Japan.png[edit]

Japan is divided into eight regions, all of which have a number of turf zones. There is no Explorer Medal for having taken zones in all regions of Japan.

Other countries[edit]

Besides the countries in which Turf is officially available, and in Japan and the US, the following countries currently have more than 100 turf zones available:

Country Zones Map with current PPH Comment
Spain Spanien flagga.png 304 Warded Europe
Greece Grekland flagga.png 191 Warded Europe
Australia Australien flagga.png 143 Warded Oceania
France Frankrike flagga.png 126 Warded Europe

Updated: 2021-01-10

Source: Warded