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NOTE! This article is primarily produced for countries where the whole country constitutes a single region in Turf!

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Example country (feel free to fill in what the country is called in the local language) is a country in the northeast Continent which has about 50 million inhabitants. (Replace 'Continent' with the continent the country is located in).

The capital Example city is the country's largest city with over nine million inhabitants. Other major cities are New Example, Exampletown and Examplepool. (Optional section but is always nice to have.)

Adjacent countries are Sweden and Norway in the east, Denmark in the south and Finland in the west. (Optional section but is always nice to have.)

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There are (replace the link to the current country on here-->) xxx turf zones in the country that all belong to one and the same region, Examplecountry. Seven of which is counted as world heritage sites, one counts as water zone, three counts as train station zones, one counts as national park zone, four counts as monument zones, two counts as holy zones, three counts as bridge zones, five counts as castle zones and one counts as ruin zone.

The most taken zone are Examplezone which is located at the Central Station in Example city.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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World Heritage Sites[edit]

Water zones[edit]

Train station zones[edit]

National park zones[edit]

Monument zones[edit]

Holy zones[edit]

Summit zones[edit]

Bridge zones[edit]

Castle zones[edit]

Ruin zones[edit]

(If there is no zone with the respective zone type in the country, then remove the heading (s).)

Other zones[edit]

(If you have divided the zones by zone type, otherwise delete the heading.)

(If you do not want to divide the zones by zone type, you can just list them as the example below.)

Updated: 2020-12-28 (Date when the list of zones was last updated here on the wiki.)

Country-specific medals[edit]

There is no country-specific medal for the country.

(Image gallery)[edit]

Some pictures are added here with advantage. For example, in some notable zone or so. If you, who originally created the country article, do not have an image to share, you can delete this section.

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