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Japan's coat of arms
Number of zones1082
Maximum PPH485

Japan is a country in eastern Asia that has about 127 million inhabitants. Even though Turf is not yet officially released here it has still been divided into regions.

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Geographical subdivision[edit]

Japan is in Turf divided into eight regions with a few turfzones in each. Three of them, Hokkaido, Kyūshū Okinawa and Shikoku, corresponds to islands with the same name while the other five constitutes parts of the main island Honshu. There is a total of 1082 zones in the country, where most are found in the region Kantō, the area closest to the capital Tokyo.

Region Zones
Chūbu 80
Chūgoku 26
Hokkaido 13
Kansai 183
Kantō 744
Kyūshū Okinawa (Kyūshū) 19
Shikoku 2
Tōhoku 15