Lebanon's location
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The unofficial coat of arms of Lebanon
Number of zones5
Maximum PPH5
Last updated2021-10-31

Lebanon (Arabic: لُبْنَان‎, romanized: lubnān), officially known as the Lebanese Republic, is a country in western Asia which has about 6 million inhabitants.

Flag of Lebanon


Lebanon is bordered by Syria to the north and east and Israel to the south, while Cyprus lies to its west across the Mediterranean Sea.


  • Capital and largest city: Beirut


There are 5 turf zones in Lebanon, all of which belong to one and the same region, Lebanon. All of these are counted as world heritage sites.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

Zontyp01.png World Heritage Sites[edit]

Updated: 2021-10-31

Most taken zones[edit]

No turfer has ever taken any of the turf zones in Lebanon.

Updated: 2021-10-31
Source: Warded

Zone development[edit]

The first turf zone in the country was Anjar, which was created on July 13, 2015.

2015 5 5
2016 0 5
2017 0 5
2018 0 5
2019 0 5
2020 0 5

Source: urbangeeks

Points and results[edit]


No turfer has ever taken any of the turf zones in Lebanon and thus has not received any points.

Updated 2021-10-31
Source: Warded

Turfers who have won in the country[edit]

The following turfers have won in the country Lebanon = the region of Lebanon.
(The Region medal was introduced and awarded for the first time round 46).


Updated: 2021-10-31

Country medals[edit]

There is no country-specific medal for the country.

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