The regions of the Netherlands.
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Number of zones1617

The Netherlands is one of the countries where Turf is officially available since August 2011.

Geographic subdivision[edit]

The Netherlands is divided into this twelve regions, witch are the same as Netherlands twelve provinces:

Noord-Brabant Drenthe Flevoland Friesland
Region of Brabant in the Netherlands Region of Drenthe in the Netherlands Region of Flevoland in the Netherlands
Region of Friesland in the Netherlands
Gelderland Groningen Limburg Noord-Holland
Region of Gelderland in the Netherlands Region of Groningen in the Netherlands Region of Limburg in the Netherlands Region of North Holland in the Netherlands
Overijssel Zuid-Holland Utrecht Zeeland
Region of Brabant in the Netherlands Region of Overijssel in the Netherlands Region of Utrecht in the Netherlands Region of Zeeland in the Netherlands
Region Number of Zones Scoreboard
Noord-Brabant 133 Toplist
Drenthe 74 Toplist
Flevoland 99 Toplist
Friesland 89 Toplist
Gelderland 173 Toplist
Groningen 70 Toplist
Limburg 94 Toplist
Noord-Holland 120 Toplist
Overijssel 166 Toplist
Zuid-Holland 108 Toplist
Utrecht 69 Toplist
Zeeland 39 Toplist

Updated: 2015-04-26

Points and results[edit]


# Turfer City Points ▲/▼
1 Kogge Kampen 1 942 400
2 White_panther Arnhem 380 820
3 Niels Groningen 353 054
4 pyramyd Amsterdam 228 181
5 Bleet Enschede 175 111
6 BeOutside Rotterdam 168 109
7 Botter Kampen 97 464 NEW
8 Thetor  ? 92 998
9 gielWB  ? 92 782
10 Qkiller Eindhoven 81 235


Turfer City Points
mailis Den Haag 69 896

Updated: 2015-01-02 and compared to 2014-10-13

Country medals[edit]

As of 2015-05-02 thers was 11 turfers who had taken this medal.

Medal Name Description
25.png Netherland Explorer To get this medal you have to take atleast one zone in every region of the Netherlands

You don't need to visit every region in the same Round.

This medal can be achieved only once. (Netherland Explorer)