Regions of the United States
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Coat of arms.
ContinentNorth America
Number of zones823
Maximum PPH826
Last updated2021-01-06

USA The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S. or US), or America, is a country in North America with about 330 million inhabitants.

Adjacent countries are Canada in the north and Mexico in the south.

Turf is not yet officially launched, but the country is divided into regions.

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Geographic subdivision[edit]

The United States is divided into 51 regions corresponding to the country's 50 states and the federal district District of Columbia. Of these, Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin as of today only has one turf zone.


Region Zones Current Toplist
Alabama 1 Toplist
Alaska 1 Toplist
Arizona 22 Toplist
Arkansas 1 Toplist
California 561 Toplist
Colorado 2 Toplist
Connecticut 2 Toplist
Delaware 2 Toplist
District of Columbia 8 Toplist
Florida 19 Toplist
Georgia 1 Toplist
Hawaii 3 Toplist
Idaho 2 Toplist
Illinois 10 Toplist
Indiana 2 Toplist
Iowa 2 Toplist
Kansas 2 Toplist
Kentucky 1 Toplist
Louisiana 4 Toplist
Maine 2 Toplist
Maryland 1 Toplist
Massachusetts 6 Toplist
Michigan 1 Toplist
Minnesota 47 Toplist
Mississippi 1 Toplist
Missouri 1 Toplist
Montana 2 Toplist
Nebraska 2 Toplist
Nevada 7 Toplist
New Hampshire 1 Toplist
New Jersey 2 Toplist
New Mexico 6 Toplist
New York 15 Toplist
North Carolina 2 Toplist
North Dakota 2 Toplist
Ohio 4 Toplist
Oklahoma 1 Toplist
Oregon 3 Toplist
Pennsylvania 5 Toplist
Rhode Island 1 Toplist
South Carolina 2 Toplist
South Dakota 4 Toplist
Tennessee 5 Toplist
Texas 8 Toplist
Utah 13 Toplist
Vermont 1 Toplist
Virginia 7 Toplist
Washington 11 Toplist
West Virginia 5 Toplist
Wisconsin 1 Toplist
Wyoming 8 Toplist

Updated: 2021-01-06

Source: Warded

Country medals[edit]

There is no medal for taking zones in all regions of the USA.