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Fairy is an automated system that reads and measures the amount of takeovers that's been happening on each particular zone.
Each zone is provided with takeover points and points per hour(PPH). What Fairy does is to change those to points depending on
action happening on that zone. The more takeovers during the ongoing round the less takeover points and higher PPH it get for the next round.

Every time Fairy runs it can either change the zone two stages upwards in PPH or down one in PPH.
For instance, if a zone currently have 140/+4 (Takeover Point/+PPH) it can either change upwards two stages 125/+5 or 110/+6 depending on previous rounds takeovers.
However, if the takeovers was very low it can instead change down one stage into 155/+3. It is possible for a zone to be unchanged, not every zone changes.

Another system called Tinkerbell is also implemented into the system.