Follow mode

Follow mode is a feature in Turf that allows a player to center the map view around another player or himself. The functionality was introduced in version 0.8.5 on January 6, 2012.

Follow another player[edit]

To activate the mode, tap a player icon in the map view (to bring up the profile window) and then the follow button. (Buttonicon player.png)

When Follow mode is activated, the status bar changes color to red and you see the current points, zones and PPH for the player you are following instead. The camera now tracks the player's movement on the map until you exit the mode.

Center map view[edit]

See main article: Rules: User interface

By pressing the GPS button at the bottom left of the interface when the GPS is switched on, the map view is centered around your own player. The camera then actively follows the movements of your player icon on the map until you swipe off the camera, turn off the GPS, or activate the Follow mode.


  • The game function is commonly referred to in everyday speech as the "evil eye", due to the symbol that appears to the player being followed.
  • Turf-TV is also a common concept where Follow mode can be included. Turf-TV is a term that means that a player watches the Turf Map or follows another player, often (but not necessarily) without actively playing himself.