Guide:Issue reports

This guide shows you how to make a bug report in the Turf Game Issue Tracking system.


Issue reports are made when there is something in the game that does not work as expected, such as apps, user accounts, the website, etc.


Issue reports can also be made on turf zones if, for example, they are located in inappropriate places, have an "incorrect" name, etc. See more about zone location here.


Error reporting is also done to get the Expandator medals. Read about how it works under each medal.


First login at

Then go to Issues.

Create Issue 01.jpg

Then if needed, click on Login.

Create Issue 02.jpg

Not logged in!

Logged in!

Then click on Report.

Create Issue 03.jpg

Then select what type of issue you want to report. For instance a zone issue.

Create Issue 04.jpg

Enter the name of the zone and click on Search for issues to see if there are any old issues.

Create Issue 05.jpg

If there is an old issue for the zone, you can add extra input for it, otherwise you can create a new one.

Create Issue 06.jpg

Then add a short description and also detailed information about the issue.

Create Issue 07.jpg

Please be patient when submitting, because it sometimes takes a while before responding. Don’t click Submit again.

After submitting the issue you can also add pictures to clarify even more.

Create Issue 08.jpg

There is a maximum size of 2 MB for attachments.

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