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Kampen, Overijssel.png
The municipality of Kampen in the region of Overijssel
Coat of arms of Kampen.png
Coat of arms of Kampen
CountryNetherlands Nederländerna flagga.png
RegionOverijssel Flag of Overijssel.png
Number of zones64
Maximum PPH65
Last updated2021-12-04

Kampen is a city and a municipality in the region of Overijssel in the middle of the Netherlands and has about 53,800 inhabitants. The city of Kampen itself has around 37,000 inhabitants.

Kampen has one of the best preserved old town centres of the Netherlands, including remains of the ancient city wall (of which three gates are still standing) and numerous churches. Also notable are the three bridges over the IJssel which connect Kampen with IJsselmuiden and Kampereiland, the agricultural area between the branches which form the IJssel delta, and a windmill (d' Olde Zwarver – the Old Vagabond).

Flag of Kampen


Kampen is located in northwestern Overijssel and is the largest city in this region. Adjacent municipalities are Zwartewaterland and Zwolle in the region Overijssel in the east, Hattem and Oldebroek in the region Gelderland in the south and Dronten in the west and Noordoostpolder in the north, both in the region Flevoland.


There are 64 turf zones in the municipality, 33 of which are counted as winner zones, one train station zone, one holy zone and five bridge zones.

The most taken zone is Bazuin which is located at the Bazuinkerk Church in the Flevowijk district, in the southern part of Kampen.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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Updated: 2021-12-04

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