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2014-01-27 Online article: NopeSport "Orienteering digital offspring" - Link to article


2015-07-07 Online article: "A healthy virus is spreading in Sweden" - Link to article


2020-12-20 Online article: "The night-riding mum who cycles 10 hours a day" - Link to article
2020-12-23 Radio feature: BBC Radio Scotland Mornings with Stephen Jardine - Link to article, the feature begins about 1:40 into the program. Only available until 2021-01-21.
2020-12-25 TV feature: BBC World News An approximately 4 minute long live TV feature on BBC World News, with the Scottish turfer féarglas, about Turf. Link to the feature (facebook) the feature begins 1:42 into the clip.
2020-12-29 Radio feature: BBC Radio 5 5 Live Drive - féarglas talks about Turf. Link to the program, the feature begins about 56 minutes into the program. Only available until 2021-01-27.