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The municipality of Örebro in the region of Örebro
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Number of zones563
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Örebro is a municipality in the region of Örebro in Sweden. The municipality has about 156,000 inhabitants and is located for the most part in the province of Närke, while a smaller part of the municipality is located in the province of Västmanland.


Örebro municipality is located in the central and eastern parts of the province of Närke, except for the northernmost part (Ervalla district), which is located in Västmanland. The municipality is located at the western part of Lake Hjälmaren where the Svartån flows out from the west.

The municipality borders the municipalities Arboga in Västmanland County, Vingåker in Södermanland County and Finspång in Östergötlands County in the east. In addition to Hallsberg, Kumla, Lekeberg and Karlskoga in the southwest and to Nora and Lindesberg, all in Örebro County in the north.

Urban areas[edit]

The urban area Örebro constitutes the municipality's central town and city of residence in Örebro County and is located in the province of Närke. The city celebrated its 750th anniversary in 2015, although it is unclear whether the city was actually founded in 1265. In the center is the castle, which dates back to the 13th century.

Other urban areas in the municipality are Askersby, Ekeby-Almby, Garphyttan, Glanshammar, Hampetorp, Hovsta, Kilsmo, Latorpsbruk, Norra Bro, Odensbacken, Stora Mellösa, Vintrosa, part of and Ölmbrotorp.


There are 563 turf zones in the municipality of Örebro, six of which are counted as winner zones, three water zones, one train station zone, four monument zones, 18 holy zones, 24 bridge zones, one castle zone and two ruin zones.

The most taken zone is GreatSquare which is located on Stortorget in central Örebro.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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