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The municipality of Eckerö in Finland
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Number of zones18
Maximum PPH29
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Eckerö is a municipality of Åland, an autonomous territory under Finnish sovereignty. The municipality has a population of 957 (31 January 2019) and covers an area of 752.67 square kilometres (290.61 sq mi) of which 644.94 km2 (249.01 sq mi) is water. The population density is 8.89 inhabitants per square kilometre (23.0/sq mi).

The municipality is unilingually Swedish and 90% of the population are Swedish speakers. It is the westernmost municipality of Åland and Finland.

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In addition to the main island, Eckerö, the municipality of Eckerö consists of about 200 more islands of varying sizes. Here are the islands Emskär, Högsten (with day beacon) and the shallow Storbrotten, the nature reserve Träsket and the bay Kyrksundet and the strait Käringsund. Finbofjärden and Marsund separate Eckerö from Hammarland to the east. The distance to Åland's only city, Mariehamn, which is now accessible via a bridge connection, is 22 miles (35 km).


Eckerö's central town is Storby. Other villages are Björnhuvud, Finbo, Kyrkoby, Marby, Torp and Överby, which is also the municipality's administrative center. The areas Degersand and Skeppsvik belong to Torp village while Skag belongs to Kyrkoby.


There are 18 turf zones in Eckerö. One of these is counted as a water zone and one holy zone.

The most taken zone is EckeröCliffs which is located at the ferry slip on the Eckerö Linjen, in Berghamn on western Eckerö.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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