Enontekiö (Enontekis)
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The municipality of Enontekiö in Finland
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Coat of Arms of Enontekiö
Number of zones28
Maximum PPH28
Last updated2021-09-30

Enontekiö (swedish: Enontekiö, Northern Sami: Eanodat, Inari Sami: Iänudâh) is a municipality in the region of Lappi (Lappland) in Finland. The municipality has about 1 800 inhabitants and is located in the historical province of Lapland.


Enontekiö is located in the most northwestern part of Finland, this outermost northwest part is also called the finnish arm. Enontekiö is the only municipality that borders to both Sweden and Norway.

Bordering municipalities are Inari (Enare) in the east, Kittilä in the southeast, Muonio in the south and (in Sweden) Pajala in the south and Kiruna in the southwest and (in Norway) Storfjord and Kåfjord in the northwest and Nordreisa and Kautokeino in the north.

Urban Areas[edit]

The urban area of Hetta is the administrative centre of Enontekiö and has about 550 inhabitants.


There are 28 turfzones in Enontekiö, where one is counted as a holy zone, one as a summit zone and two as bridge zones.

The most taken zone is 3RikesFärjan that is located by the ferry slip in Kilpisjärvi where the ferry departs for the Three-Country Cairn.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

Updated: 2021-09-30

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