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The municipality of Fredensborg in Denmark
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CountryDenmark Danmark flagga.png
Number of zones43
Maximum PPH43
Last updated2021-02-18

Fredensborg is a municipality in the region of Hovedstaden (Capital of Denmark) in Denmark. The municipality has about 41,000 inhabitants and is located on Zealand.


Fredensborg is located in northeastern Zealand 30-40 kilometers north of Copenhagen (København). Fredensborg municipality is located on the Öresund coast, south of Helsingør municipality. The municipality borders the municipalities Hillerød in the west and Hørsholm in the south.

Urban areas[edit]

The main town is Kokkedal. Fredensborg, with one of the Danish royal castles, is located by the Nordbanen railway. Along the Öresund coast is the railway Kystbanen, which operates, among other places, Humlebæk where the Louisiana Art Museum is located. Other places in the municipality include Nivå.


There are 43 turf zones in the municipality, one of which is counted as a winner zone, one water zone, one train station zone, one monument zone, two bridge zones, one castle zone and one ruin zone.

The most taken zone is Louisiana which is located at the Louisiana Art Museum in Humlebæk.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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Updated: 2021-02-18

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